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Ways to Reduce Your Impact on the Planet

We have all heard of the basic ways to help conserve and protect our local environment. For those of us who want to do more, here are 4 more ways you can help.              

 1.     Buy local, buy organic!  When you buy local, organic produce, not only are you contributing to the local economy, but you are helping to reduce the amount of fuel, pesticides and other chemicals that are involved in getting your food to you!

2.     Don’t just recycle, compost! Believe it or not, composting simple kitchen scraps and leftover food is much easier than it sounds and you will be  astounded how much it will reduce the amount you throw away every week!

3.     Get involved!  Get involved in local beach cleanup and other environmentally friendly events! It’s a great way to meet likeminded people, make friends, and help your local environment at the same time!

4.     Speak up! Tell friends and family about steps you are taking to reduce your impact, and speak up at work and  whenever you see something that could be more environmentally friendly!


ECA Help

ECA Guardian Boat Gets New Upgrade

Pelican Isle Yacht Club Purchases New Outboard Engine to Power ECA Vessel

The Guardian
The Guardian

Pelican Isle Yacht Club has donated a 25 horsepower four stroke Mercury outboard engine for ECA’s Guardian vessel, used by ECA members and volunteers to conduct soundings of Wiggins Pass inlet and to conduct research and monitoring of environmental conditions within the Cocohatchee estuary. The new engine enhances ECA’s ability to advance its mission of conserving the Cocohatchee estuary and supporting safe navigation of Wiggins Pass. The ECA sincerely thanks Pelican Isle Yacht Club for this donation.

ECA Conducts Boat Tours of Cocohatchee Estuary

 Over 60 Coastal Managers from Across Florida Participate in Field Trips to Discuss Inlet Management




ECA President Joe Moreland and Biologist from Coastal Planning and Engineering discuss details of plans to manage the Wiggins Pass Inlet.

Over 60 beach and coastal managers from across Florida and other coastal states participated in two boat field trips on the Cocohatchee estuary on Thursday, September 27, to review and discuss plans for managing the navigational channel for Wiggins Pass. The Estuary Conservation Association worked in partnership with Collier County’s Coastal Zone Management Department, Pelican Isle Yacht Club, and Tarpon Cove Tours to conduct the field trips as part of the Florida Beach Preservation Association’s annual conference being held in Naples. Participants included state and local legislators and county officials interested in learning about the project.