About Us

We are a group of people who not only live near The Cocohatchee River Estuary but appreciate it as an extraordinary natural and recreational resource.

We share a sincere commitment to live in harmony with the resource. We seek to preserve the estuary as well as to improve it over time.

To do this, we have agreed to spend our time, talents and treasure against but one goal–to be the best possible stewards of the estuary!


The Cocohatchee River Estuary: What are we Doing?

We believe that to be good stewards, we must first employ leading academic, scientific and engineering counsel. This will lead to estuary management decisions based upon “state of the art” information and expertise.

In turn, we will share the knowledge gathered with our elected officials and regulatory authorities seeking estuary management decisions based upon facts rather than emotional notions.

The Cocohatchee River Estuary: What is it?

An estuary is a partially enclosed body of water where saltwater from the sea mixes with freshwater from rivers, streams and creeks. These areas of transition between the land and the sea are tidally driven, like the sea, but sheltered from the full force of ocean wind and waves, more like a river. Some familiar examples of estuaries are Chesapeake Bay and Boston Harbor.

Also, there are wetlands in the Great Lakes with estuarine-like functions.

Estuaries teem with wildlife: fresh and saltwater fishes, sea grass, birds, mangroves, marine mammals and crustaceans are visible examples .

Estuaries provide us with recreational opportunities ranging from birdwatching to fishing to kayaking to sail and power boating. As well as tranquil times spent simply watching its ebb and flow.

The Cocohatchee River Estuary Association: What can you do to help?

We invite you to join with us. Join right now lest you forget to do so later. Annual dues are just $45 for Individuals and $60 for Household. Then volunteer to help–your time and talents will be welcomed and they will help us to realize our dreams for the estuary.

One of the most important contributions you can make would be to invite your friends and neighbors to join The Estuary Conservation Association along with you.

With your help, future generations will be able to say that we left the estuary in better condition than we found it!